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Toilet Repair/Replacement

San Diego Toilet Repair

The vast majority of toilet problems in San Diego are caused by a leaking flapper. This is the round device that is attached to the toilet handle with a chain. Because of the poor water quality in San Diego, it is common for the flapper to deteriorate. If your flapper is leaking, you could experience several problems with your toilet.

If you need toilet repair in San Diego, trust the experts at Colepepper Services.

Toilet Repair in San Diego

Is your toilet making unusual noises, or does it sound like it is running all the time? Or is your toilet not flushing like it used to? As one of the most used fixtures in your home, your toilet is prone to wearing down. At Colepepper Services, we can usually refurbish your old toilet and get it running like new again.

When the toilet cannot be repaired, we also offer toilet replacement. You may also want to consider toilet replacement if you have an older toilet that uses a lot of water. Upgrading to a newer low-flow model could drastically reduce your water consumption and lower your monthly water bills.

At Colepepper Services, we are proud to offer comprehensive toilet repair in San Diego. We can fix the following issues related to your toilet:

  • Bowl draining slowly
  • Bowl overflowing
  • Clogged toilet
  • Tank vibrating when filling
  • Water running nonstop
  • Seat loose
  • Bowl leaking
  • Toilet flushing itself
  • Toilet leaking at base

Whether you’re dealing with a simple problem like a loose seat or clogged toilet in San Diego or you’re facing a plumbing disaster like an overflowing bowl or even if you’re just thinking about trading in your old toilet for a newer, more efficient manner, let Colepepper Services help.

For affordable and dependable professional toilet repair in San Diego, give us a call now at 619-838-1322.

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